Volume 1, March, 2017



Teodora Hristova
Pages: 23-41

ABSTRACT - Since the acceptance of Internet as a factor of great importance in people's lives to the emergence of online social networks (social networks) which are central to the interaction between people, identity is a critical element. Online social networks are more integrated into our social and professional lives, and the difference between our "real" and online identities affect not only the way how others see us, but also the way we see ourselves. Their main feature is the ability to construct an online identity which is determined by our interaction with others. Users are like actors. They can consciously create their image that resembles or differs from their real identity depending on the audience, pursuing a positive view of themselves. This raises the question how is identity constructed in online social networks? The article presents an analysis of in-depth interviews among students, providing more detailed information about the way in which social network users build their identity, communication strategies; self-representation and identity management; mixing different social contexts and groups; self-presentation means; types of online behavior; norms and values in online social networks. This study confirms previous researches showing that users are building their real image which corresponds to real life presenting themselves in the best possible way, establishing and outlining problems that require further research.


Keywords: interaction, identity, communication, personality, online social networks


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