Issue 2, August, 2023



Velichka P. Marinova
Pages: 30-47

Presented at conference „Career Opportunities, Strategies and Innovations“ 06.07.2023 г.

In order to carry out all the activities characterized by a complex nature, a set of knowledge and skills about the specificity of the goods subject to customs control, the legal aspects of the customs activity, the financial aspect of the procedures performed, the customs administration is required to have a set of competencies to ensure the proper and efficient conduct of the control processes. The aim of this article is to present the competencies of the customs administration within the e-Customs initiative, approved by the Sectoral Strategy for the Development of e-Government in the Customs Agency for the period 2021-2027. The necessary competences of the customs administration within the requirements for work in a digital environment are the object of research. In the study have been used the descriptive - analytical approach, the methods of comparison, analysis and synthesis.


Keywords: customs competency; competence framework; digitalization; e-Customs


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