Issue 1, April, 2023



Blaga I. Blagoeva
Pages: 1-9

ABSTRACT: – The article analyses the concept of the circular economy through the prism of two fundamental philosophical categories – value and interest. Supported is the standpoint that the topicality of the problems, connected with the circular economy, makes necessary their analysis in the discourse of the political philosophy, because the historical practice indicates that the significant social problems always call for a philosophical interpretation. The author offers a short retrospection of the emergence and development of the concept of the circular economy.
On the basis of the main characteristics of the circular economy as a new model of production and consumption, the author examines and analyses the question: “What is the circular economy? A value or an interest?” in the modern world.
Author's definitions of main categories in the analysis - value and interest, in the context of the need-interest-value-goal relationship are proposed. In the mentioned structure of social action, the importance of the circular economy in the world of modern man is considered.
Defended is the standpoint that the circular economy is both a human value and present a global interest and it is necessary that the analysis of the problem should be based on a synergy between the axiological and economic approaches, rather than on their confrontation.


Keywords: circular economy, interest, philosophy, value


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