Volume 2, July, 2022



Veselin Boyadzhiev
Pages: 25-35

ABSTRACT: For Bulgarian science and regional activities in Bulgaria, as well as for education, the Sofia Valley (Bulgaria) is a significant challenge. It has attracted the attention of geographers since the beginning of geographical science in our country. The main reason for this attention is the changes that are still going on today. The basis of these changes is the declaration of the city of Sofia as the capital of such a strictly centralized state as Bulgaria. The anthropogenization of the studied territory, after the proclamation of Sofia as the capital (1879), goes in several interconnected and simultaneously acting directions - the administrative-central place, the growing population, economic development, the territorial expansion of the capital Sofia. In this article, we clarify the directions and issues related to the historical and geographical development of the valley. The issue of the capital's direct administrative influence on the territory of the country is also analyzed.


Keywords: Anthropogenization, Bulgaria, Historical geography, Kremikovtzi, Sofia valley


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