Volume 1, April, 2022



Stoyan Marinov
Pages: 1-8

ABSTRACT: The tourist destination is a central component of the tourist system. The modern tourist market is a "buyer's market", oversaturated with tourist supply and intense competition. Tourist destinations compete to attract tourists through their marketing mix, which is at the heart of the strategic marketing plan of the destination. The traditional marketing mix of the destination includes product, price, distribution and communication. Among these four elements, the product plays a major role and is the basis for the formation of the other marketing components. The aim of the article is to discuss the product of the tourist destination in a marketing context. Based on the definitions of a tourist destination and a product of a tourist destination, the content and structure of the total tourist product of the destination are revealed. The formation of the product-market portfolio of the tourist destination is considered. Guidelines and actions for the implementation of an effective and efficient product policy of the tourist destination are presented.


Keywords: marketing mix, product market portfolio, total tourist product, tourist destination


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