Volume 4, December, 2018


INNOVATION OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM: BELARUSIAN ASPECT - Analysis of innovative potential of Belarus and Russia

Vladimir Klimuk and Alla Nikishova
Pages: 28-38

ABSTRACT - In the work the problem of innovative activity of economy of the country is highlighted. The authors have analyzed the innovative activity indicators of Belarus, Russia and other countries-leaders and lagging economies. Approaches to the determination of the category “innovation” have been studied. The classification of innovative development models has been proposed. The determination of innovative development models has been proposed. For the assessment of the level of innovative development of the country the tools have been proposed which include the labour, resultant, cost components with the differentiation into indicators. On proposed tools the approbation is performed on the basis of statistical data of Belarus and Russia during the years 2005-2014. The map of innovative development is proposed for visualization and forecasting of the strategy of stable country functioning. As a result it is received that for Russia the productive model of innovative development is indicative, and for Belarus the cloning model is indicative. In order to create conditions for regulating the innovative level of country development the groups of factors of influence are proposed, as well as recommendations for the increase of the level of innovative development of the country.


Keywords: Innovation, innovative development model, tools, innovative activity, component, factor


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