Volume 4, December, 2018



Neli Nikolova
Pages: 191-206

ABSTRACT - In the period 2016-2018 pilot training was organized with young people from high schools and students from Gabrovo Technical University at the age of 18+ under the project "Job Developer" financed by Erasmus + program of the European Commission with partner Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and career consultants from chambers, employment agencies, professional and career centers and business support training and government institutions. Through the concepts of "talent diagnosis" and "employment radar" and the results obtained by career counselors and experts, the participants are directed with specific recommendations for their professional development, education and / or continuing training (assistance) for independent activities or the establishment of company. The goal is for young people to explore the demand for services in the region and take steps to realize creative business ideas, building on the requirements of the local labor market to their competencies and future areas of employment. Together with Job Developer, an individual personality development plan is developed to tailor talent to the specificities of the education system, the labor market and the surrounding external environment.


Keywords: career counselors, employment radar, professional development, talent diagnostics


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