Volume 1, March, 2018



Tsvetomira V. Trifonova
Pages: 14-23

ABSTRACT - An entirely new world is opening in front of advertisers after the Internet had invented. The opportunities offered by online advertising are increasing each year. While at the beginning the advertising is primarily a banner based and the only objective is popularization of the brand, today we have the ability to choose from a variety of formats, optimization for predefined goals, precise targeting and creating interactive ads. This is the reason that the specifics of the most actual ad formats on the web are explored in detail in this work with a focus on their capabilities and the objectives that could be achieved with them. Attention is paid to premium ads, results-oriented (performance) ads, and social media ads. In the paper the author explore the latest features offered by Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager.


Keywords: Google ads, online ads, premium ads, social media ads


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