Volume 4, December, 2017



Iliyana Krasteva
Pages: 41-51

ABSTRACT - Bulgarian agriculture is the main strategic and priority branch of our country with favorable soil and climatic conditions for the production of agricultural products, including biological ones. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for healthy and organic products by consumers. This is due to the fact that more and more people prefer the consumption of high quality products that are produced using environmentally friendly environmental care. The purpose of this article is to study and reveal the opportunities and prospects for the development of organic production in Bulgaria. In connection with this, the following tasks are set: to outline the advantages and prerequisites for organic production; revealing the state and the potential for development of organic production in Veliko Tarnovo region; identifying the problems, opportunities and prospects in the production and marketing of organic products in the area under study. The survey found that most of the agricultural holdings surveyed in the area are in a conversion period, with the highest share of bio-operators being occupied in the sector of organic plant growing and organic beekeeping; leading problems in the production of organic products are related to insufficient subsidies, lack of state support, tax incentives, difficult realization, high share of manual labor, labor shortage and underdeveloped processing base. The majority of farmers prefer direct sales - 54% - as a form of realization of their production, 39% also use a brokerage firm, 25% - specialized stores, open markets, etc. channels for successful realization of bioproducts.


Keywords: organic production, bioproducts, environment, natural resources


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