Volume 4, December, 2017



Mariya Veleva and Krasimira Yancheva
Pages: 1-9

ABSTRACT - The goal of this paper is to review some behavioral features of child aggression in order to suggest opportunities for handling it through creative tourism application. The research methods applied are theoretical synthesis, theoretical analysis and observation. We suggest that creative tourism has big potential in handling child aggression in tourist animation if applied in specific ways. To reveal the nature of aggression in child behavior we particularize the reasons: aggressive behavior in children, especially when social skills are missing, is used to attract attention, to achieve a goal, to satisfy desire for leadership, to overpower or suppress others. We insist on the importance of animators’ ability to handle child aggression and we precise and particularize the process. Building social skills, developing emotional intelligence and participating in positive group behavior are some of the suggestions we offer as opportunities to handle child aggression in tourist animation. The focus on child aggression in tourist animator’s work brings to light a problem that is still virgin regarding research in the Bulgarian scientific publications. This, and the suggestion how creative tourism can play significant role in handling child aggression are innovative and can contribute to other researches related to tourist behavior.


Keywords:child aggression, behavior, social skills, tourist animation, creative tourism


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