Volume 3, September, 2017



Mariya R. Armyanova
Pages: 25-38

ABSTRACT - In today's competitive and dynamic world, business requires quality software systems that reflect current needs and adapt easily to world market requirements. The design patterns generalize the best practice in software systems. They offer flexible solutions to common software issues. The design pattern’s purpose is to use the proven successful solution, as a new development’s base. The growth of information technology has constantly leaded developers to new challenges. One of them is the processing of large data. The paper describes a formal design pattern for designing a two-step computational process that presents the problem’s possible solution. Since it is designed for cloud applications, it should take advantage of the cloud environment - the possibility of real parallel processing that is the microsurvey architecture’s basis. It offers the simultaneous execution of time-consuming and resource-intensive data manipulations as a its algorithm’s first step and a results’ summary in a second step.


Keywords: big data, cloud computing, design patterns, microservices, parallel processing


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