Volume 2, June, 2016



Bratoy Koprinarov, Stoyan Marinov and Galina Ilieva
Pages: 34-43

ABSTRACT - The article aims to systematize the guidelines of innovations in the modern gambling tourism industry within the conditions of globalization influences. It presents the interconnections between globalization and tourism as a prerequisite for innovations of the gambling tourism industry. It defines the concept of gambling tourism and outlines the framework of this industry. The article reveals the essence and shows the classification of innovations in the gambling tourism industry. The substantive aspects of innovations are considered in five areas : innovations in technologies, used in gambling tourism industry; innovations for the improvement of amenities and design and decor of the casino; innovations in the evolution of casino marketing; innovations in the Code of Conduct for Responsible Gambling tourism; innovations in defining the rewards and comps for casino players. Data from a purposely conducted survey of the Global Expo of Gaming and Entertainment Industry (Global Gaming Expo -G2E) and American Gaming Association are used for the characterization of innovations in these aspects. The conclusion, which can be made is that the change in consumer tastes, the process of personalization of supply to customers, and social media are the driving forces that determine the need for innovations in the industry.


Keywords: gambling tourism, gambling tourism industry, innovation, globalization


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