Volume 3, October, 2015



Rakesh M. Patel, Gunamani Deheri and Pragna A. Vadher
Pages: 71-87

ABSTRACT - This paper aims to analyze the effect of surface roughness on the hydromagnetic squeeze film in porous circular step bearing. The stochastic model of Christensen and Tonder has been employed to characterize the random roughness of the bearing surfaces. The concerned stochastically averaged Reynolds' type equation is solved with appropriate boundary conditions to get the pressure distribution leading to the calculation of the load carrying capacity. The results presented in graphical forms ensure that the transverse roughness affects the bearing system adversely. However, the magnetization tends to rescue the situation in the case of negatively skewed roughness, particularly when variance (-ve) is in place. Of course, the radii ratio and the supply pressure contribute towards reducing the negative effect of porosity and standard deviation associated with roughness.


Keywords: Circular step bearing, hydromagnetization, load carrying capacity, porosity, roughness, squeeze film


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