Issue 3, November, 2023



Vesela Tsekina
Pages: 62-78

ABSTRACT: Leadership, as a process and a social phenomenon, unites people around a common goal. The leader empowers and guides/manages associates to create added value for all stakeholders. Research on leadership, its formative elements, as well as the results of its manifestation, are dictated by the current interest in the effectiveness of management as an organizational function. There is a strong interest in researching communication as a factor in successful leadership. Leaders in their desire to be successful make an effort to be good communicators. Communication is perceived as a core management competency, both by leaders and followers. With the advancement of new technologies, a rethinking of the established leadership models, which are mainly built on traditional forms of communication, is necessary. New forms of communication in turn require a new type of leadership.


Keywords: leader, communication, leadership, leadership style


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