Issue 3, November, 2023



Vasilka Taseva
Pages: 53-61

ABSTRACT: The relevance of the topic of the article "Challenges to the teaching profession in conditions of social crisis" is determined by the fact that teachers play a very important role in the life of every person and society as a whole. The teaching profession is a kind of barometer that sensitively reacts to all changes occurring in social processes.
The way of life of people in modern societies has changed, civilization has led to a new situation in determining the priorities in the value system of the individual. For every country, the issue of the functioning of the teaching profession is important. In reality, the stability and progress of society largely depend on its condition. In the complex conditions of modern life, the teacher is like a kind of mediator between the interests of the individual and society. He often finds himself at the epicenter of social upheavals. In developed Western European countries, the teacher is well paid, treated with respect and dignity, but in countries like ours, this is not the case.
The article examines specifically what a modern teacher should be and what challenges he must deal with in order to continue to fulfill his mission in a period of social crisis. The article proves unequivocally that the teaching profession is undergoing a transformation in the society of the 21st century.


Keywords: crisis self-efficacy, society, social crisis, students, teaching profession, teacher


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