Issue 3, November, 2023



Vasilka Taseva
Pages: 11-21

ABSTRACT: The pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 has forced many companies and institutions, including in the educational sector, to work remotely. This is realized thanks to various online communication platforms. Educational institutions were forced to take advantage of them to maintain a continuous educational process and to preserve the health of students and teachers. The Covid-19 pandemic has really created huge and unpredictable challenges across the education sector.
Millions of students and teachers have struggled to use digital technologies. The problem was aggravated by a lack of devices, bad Internet or its absence, incomplete social interaction between students and teachers, low motivation among some students, the creation of digital resources and others. The result ended up being a huge stress on distance learning mode in the education system all over the world. The article traces the state of the education system in a stress phase at the teacher-student level under the imposed distance learning regime caused by the pandemic. It examines the stress of teachers and students in the learning process in a complex environment that has not existed in the educational sphere until now.


Keywords: distance learning, education system, stress, school, teachers, students, COVID-19


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