Issue 3, November, 2023



Daniela Milanova
Pages: 1-11

ABSTRACT: The topic of the article "Challenges to the social and educational integration of minorities in Bulgaria" is extremely relevant for our country. Special attention is given at the beginning to the definition of minorities. The article analyzes the main approaches and measures for socialization and education of minorities based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The unique strategy for social and educational integration with minorities in the Southern Xinjiang region of the People's Republic of China, which has the largest number of minority groups in the world, is presented as a good practice. The policies in the Еuropean union that seek to unify the rules regarding the social and educational integration of minorities are discussed. At the end of the article, a comment is made on the challenges that arise when working with minorities in our country, for their social and educational integration. It has been established that in our country the emphasis is on working with the gypsies and the work with them has been tracked over the years on the basis of the accepted documents.


Keywords: Bulgaria, minorities, minority groups, gypsies, social and educational integration


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