Issue 2, August, 2023



Vesela B. Tsekina
Pages: 62-72

Abstract - The effective leadership enhances the steadfast and purposeful efforts of the leaders, as well as of their followers towards achieving the objectives of the society. The appreciation of success is a long-lasting process with results, which might firstly become obvious in the distant future. The definition of effectiveness of the leadership is a difficult task, which overpasses the dimension of the simple results. That is what makes it challenging for a clear and exact definition. Various topics and aspects have been investigated during the survey, including the complicated relationship between leadership, power and authority, as well as the influence of leadership on the political changes. In addition to that, the investigation has become more complicated because the investigators have concentrated on the reasons, due to which the recent theory does not have a long-term duration. The survey finished with an overview of the predominant theoretical opinions regarding the successful leadership with a special focus on the efficiency criteria. These long-standing concepts have been critically analyzed and it has especially been considered the difference between ‘the effectiveness of leadership’ and ‘the leadership efficiency’. The investigation also shows key indicators, which mean the manifestation of the effective political leadership.


Keywords: affectivity, quality, leader, leadership, politics


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