Issue 2, August, 2023



Polina Mihova, Nina Iordanova, Svetlana Kartunova and Nevena Borisova
Pages: 21-29

Presented at conference „Career Opportunities, Strategies and Innovations“ 06.07.2023 г.

The object of the present study is an analysis of student satisfaction and realization of bachelor's and master's students from the New Bulgarian University, as well as the actual results achieved from their practical work with patients. A total of over 40 bachelors and masters from two professional fields participated in the internship practices under project BG05M2OP001-2.013-0001 "Student practices - Phase 2": 13.01.2020 - 31.12.2023 - PN 74. Public health with professional competencies in the field of speech therapy, and PN 3.4 Social activities from the specialty Artistic psycho-social practices and psychodrama.
The aim is to study how the specific tasks of the relevant program reach the end user, namely the patient or the specific target workgroup, as well as to what extent they are realized and how they contribute to the development of practical knowledge and skills of the trainee students.
The methods used in the present study are a survey method, a comparative analysis method and a graphic method for visualizing results, and a completely original SWOT analysis has been developed for the actual goals of the study. The scientific working hypothesis assumes that through the realization of intensive clinical practical experience in parallel with the accumulating theoretical knowledge, professional competencies are validated and assimilated much faster, adequately and in a timely manner.
The results of the present study clearly demonstrate the direct relationship between the acquired critical view and practical experience, as well as the upgraded theoretical setting from the university. Analyzes of patient flow and achieved results from the 3 centers studied and 43 students who completed student practicums there are presented.


Keywords: SEN, therapy practice with children, social integration, speech therapy


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