Issue 1, April, 2023



Marina Stamati
Pages: 74-81

ABSTRACT: The modern way of life and the great fluidity that prevails at the economic and social level create a new, often exhausting reality for parents, whose endurance is tested daily between their work and the complex care of the family. This study investigates the term Parental burnout because in recent years, the term burnout has been widely used, mainly to describe burnout, a series of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that arise after a period of intense engagement with work. There are, however, other forms of burnout, less discussed but equally important for a person's overall quality of life. One of them is parental burnout, which is often encountered. Greek society is dominated by the idea that parents are never tired and parenthood offers only positive experiences, it is difficult for parents to admit that they are not omnipotent. Parental burnout is a separate condition from occupational burnout and depression. The methodology followed in this study is the thorough study of the bibliographic production as well as the relevant publications in scientific journals related to Parental burnout from 2010 to today in Greece and abroad.


Keywords: Parental burnout, causes, treatment, Greece


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