Volume 1, April, 2021



Olga Borisova
Pages: 38-67

Рецензии: Дончо Керемидчиев, Георги Баташки, Александър Воденичаров, Николай Палашев

ABSTRACT The national regulation for management and expenditure of public funds from the Structural and the Cohesion Funds of the European Union in the conditions of full membership of the Republic of Bulgaria in the European Union establishes coordination and harmonization of specific audit activities. The management of the funds is subject to complex rules, which determine the actions and requirements to the executive bodies responsible for the management of the funds, as well as to the management and control bodies – managing, certifying and auditing bodies. Within the framework of the existing legislation, a recommendation has been made on the optimization of specific audit activities for the programmes co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Funds.


Keywords: internal audit, public sector, legal framework


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