Volume 1, April, 2020



Оlga B. Borisova
Pages: 25-34

Рецензии: Дончо Керемедчиев, Александър Воденичаров

ABSTRACT - The article examines the legislation regarding the keeping of companion animals by analyzing and classifying the basic terms regarding the protection of this species of animals and the veterinary activity applicable to them. The research aims to analyze the regulation of these procedures from the point of view that adequate protection of animals by institution and citizens is in the interest of the whole society, and the responsibility to them are many, and therefore detailed legal regulation is necessary. The terms “owner”, “animal grower”, “animal caregiver”, are explained in detail. Proposals have been made on the need at the legal level to differentiate the differences between them, to formulate a new legal definition of the term “animal companion”, as well as a proposal de lege ferenda for a new content of the provision of Article 35, paragraph 3 of the Animal Protection Act stipulates that “owners of companion animals are obliged not to disturb the peace and hygiene conditions of neighbors and other persons”. Arguments for the identified gaps and contradictions in the Bulgarian legislation regarding companion animals are presented, which necessitate changes in certain provisions. The case law of the Supreme Court of Cassation is presented in support of the arguments.


Keywords: animal companion, owner, regulation


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