Volume 1, April, 2020



Оlga B. Borisova
Pages: 1-10

Рецензии: Дончо Керемедчиев, Александър Воденичаров

ABSTRACT - The article clarifies the goals and rules of Chapter Five of the Disaster Protection Act, as well as the various assumptions applicable to announcing a disaster. Attention was paid to the functions of the executive authorities on disaster protection and the legal problems related to the territorial scope of the powers of the regional governor in the event of a disaster. De lege ferenda proposals have been made to change the provisions of art. 50, para. 1 and art. 50a of the Disaster Protection Act, namely: the regional governor to declare a disaster situation on the territory of more than one municipality within the district or on the territory of the whole district, and the Prime Minister by a proposal by the Minister of the Interior to declare a stae of disaster on the territory of more than one district or on the territory of the whole country. The article has theoretical, legal and practicle aspect. The relevance of the research is also determined by the trend of increasing occurrence of disasters, both nationally and globally, and the need for the establishment of prevention systems, including regulatory ones.


Keywords: disaster, evacuation, dispersal


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