Volume 4, December, 2019



Petar Stoyanov
Pages: 51-63

ABSTRACT - The Ukrainian crisis is a confrontation that continues since 2014 between different political forces in Ukraine. Other areas of confrontation are: the fight for Donbass independence, Russia-Ukraine relations, etc. The article analyzes the use of different types of armies in the Ukrainian crisis: private and voluntary. The subject is based on their specifications and goals. The research question seeks out the characteristics of the various armies and the proper application of their capabilities. Private military companies appeared in Russia and Ukraine long before the start of the military-political crisis of 2013-2014. Interest in these structures emerged and transformed during the course of this crisis, and very often various types of publicists give far-reaching estimates of their activities. Such an "catch-up" approach to the problem proved to be extremely inefficient and many publicists don’t understand the scale and nature of such an advent as a private military company. The first group of the non-professional army is the so-called "Private", which appeared in the 1990s in Ukraine with the advent of private security companies. They represent the basis of the most powerful criminal law, or the former nomenclature of state parties. Ukrainian volunteer groups were mobilized in response to the perceived state of weakness and unwillingness to counter the growing separatism in spring 2014. The earliest of these volunteer units were later formalized into military, special police and paramilitary units in response to Russian military intervention in Ukraine. As of September 2014, 37 volunteer battalions actively participated in the battles of the Donbass war. These include students, military officers and even criminals. However, they enjoy a high level of support in Ukrainian society. The February 2015 Minsk agreements require the parties to the Donbass conflict to withdraw from the territory of Ukraine "all foreign armed forces, military equipment, as well as mercenaries" and "disarmament of all illegal groups". It is concluded that both strands have their benefits and negatives.


Keywords: Ukraine, war, crisis, army, volunteers


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