Volume 4, December, 2019



Alexander Christov
Pages: 1-7

ABSTRACT - Since the most of the researches and analyses are directed to the impact of the fake news on politics and the society, there is more or less underdeveloped field – economic side of the fake news and their influence on the business and sales. Therefore, this paper presents and analyzes some of the most important economic consequences of the dissemination of fake news in the contemporary media landscape. A position is presented, that the fake news are not only a tool for manipulation and imposing some interests, but also a business, that generate incomes through opportunities that digital marketing and sales tools give. In addition, there are reasons to state, that they can lead to the negative consequences for companies – resulting mainly in loses and missed benefits, as well as image issues. Based on the analysis, some recommendations and suggestions for new strategies are presented as well.


Keywords: fake news, image, media


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