Volume 3, October, 2019



Mary Ahegoukian and Mariana Kirilova
Pages: 57-65

ABSTRACT - Technologies evolve rapidly and continuously and affect every aspect of our lives. The marketing concept is also effected from this development, new marketing channels are constantly emerging. Researchers' expectations are that these trends will continue to evolve.
At the start of each year, there is always a lot of interest in predictions for the year ahead and the latest marketing trends. “What's Hot?” and “What's next?” are always the most common questions. Marketing is at the core of all business activities. Without marketing, organizations cannot sell and without sales there is no revenue and without revenue people cannot run business. The Digital marketing is a very diverse marketing platform used by most business for marketing all types of products and services. Digital marketing includes social marketing, word ads, banner ads, video advertisement etc. At this juncture, forecasting, analyzing and implementing the innovative digital marketing trends 2019 would be the right choice for success of any business amid the cut-throat competition.


Keywords: Customer Behaviour, Digitalization, Importance and Benefits of Digital Marketing, Innovation, Marketing, Marketing Trends 2019, Online Marketing


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