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Focus and scope

Eastern Academic Journal publishes papers concerned with the advance of natural and social researches. The journal is interested in original scientific works related to fundamental and applied studies in most aspects of life and earth sciences, interactions of environment with human society and a broad-ranging view of social studies, etc.

The JOURNAL covers the following main subjects:
  • NATURAL SCIENCES - Biology, Chemistry, Food chemistry and Biochemistry, Ecology, Agriculture and environment and other relevant topics
  • SOCIAL SCIENCES - Anthropology, Communication studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Political science, Psychology, Social health, Sociology and other relavant subjects.
  • TECHNICAL SCIENCES- Chemical engineering , Civil engineering , Electrical engineering , Mechanical engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Acoustical engineering, Corrosion engineering, Instrumentation and control, Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Electronic, Petroleum, software, Architectural, Agricultural, Biosystems, Biomedical and industrial materials and other relavant subjects.

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